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Roles of Electricians | Castle Hill Electrician Pros

Electrical gurus put in and set up electrical electrical power purpose to deliver gentle in each individual household, business enterprise and manufacturing facilities.

All of us endure each and every working day with electrical ability even in communications, and control systems that are established up for development are effectively preserved. These systems electric power the lights, appliances, as perfectly as equipment that make individuals’s life convenient and less challenging.

Setting up electrical units in freshly constructed properties is less complicated than repairing old structures. This is for the reason that electrical circuits are a good deal a lot more obtainable throughout construction. On leading of that, protecting services and methods consists of troubleshooting and restoring busted products that are in some situations intricate to offer with. Electrical routine maintenance job could incorporate restoring or altering elements, light-weight parts, regulate devices, electric motors, and also other types of electric gadgets.

The principal responsibility of an electrical professional is to maintain electrical services and building absolutely sure that everyone won’t be at threat with obtaining electrocuted. A further features of an electrician depends on the spot wherever he is assigned, the precise operate he does as effectively as his diploma of experience. Even though, there are also numerous distinctions in the responsibilities electricians offer with, and they count on every single distinct career they follow.

New Construction

Electricians functioning in brand-new making and building commonly perform based mostly on blueprints that a designer or setting up contractor has developed. These blueprints tell the electrical qualified the place stores, switches, breakers and mild fixtures go. The electrical contractor figures out the appropriate system to have out the wiring expected. Electrical contractors put in panels to keep electrical wiring, run the cables and link them. Electricians who are new to their occupation may possibly not be in a position to have out these all simply without the need of direct supervision. Accredited electrical contractors could take care of these jobs by themselves. However, as time goes by and with  years of knowledge, the new electrical specialists would acquire all these techniques effortlessly.

An electrician is a tradesperson specializing in electrical wiring of properties, stationary equipment, and related devices. Electricians might be employed in the set up of new electrical components or the maintenance and restore of current electrical infrastructure. Read through additional about the previously mentioned definition at http://ift.tt/1RuMjm0.


Industrial Electricians

Some electricians operate in business options other than those who perform on residential properties. Depending on how they are used, the electrician could have out a number of functions and are adaptable plenty of to match an industrial get the job done. These electricians for illustration can deal with simple wiring to fixing robotics.

Household Repair service Electricians

Some electricians focus their occupations on fixing household electrical programs. As time goes by, the wiring at your house could be defective or get out-of-date, circuit breakers obtaining outmoded to handle current desire of appliances and technological developments, or home entrepreneurs may need to have far more electrical retailers locations in new pieces of the property.

Business Electricians

Commercial electricians concentration on installing and fixing electrical units in offices and stores, this incorporates significant searching facilities to movie residences. Providers may well like enhancing the supply of power to their computer system process units and have to have new circuitry to handle the heavier ability prerequisites.

Whichever region an electrical professional opts to focus in, they will be anticipated to clearly show an outstanding being familiar with of electrical skills and security legislation acceptable to working with electrical systems and also services. Any type of installments, be it uncomplicated or advanced will need to be entirely checked to make sure that compliance with statutory laws.  All gear or units will need to be routinely checked to ensure safety and also features, for the safety of all, as all of us at Castle Hill Electrician Execs know as well effectively!!

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An Electrician’s Safety Guide for the Home

Electrical basic safety in the property is critical to survival. Many fire outbreaks are usually caused by faulty wiring, malfunctioning digital appliances, or something linked to electric power. The outcomes can be extremely devastating. In most situations, casualties are recorded. Security in the house ought to often be paramount in just about every residence. To get begun, you need to just take priority with ensuring your electrical systems are thoroughly put in and maintained. Any damages on the wiring ought to be fixed as quickly as achievable. If needed, prevent too much consumption of electrical power in the residence if defective wirings are observed.

The most effective probable way to guarantee that your home is no cost from defective electric powered wirings is to get an electrician to check out your electrical programs. An knowledgeable electrician ought to be capable to pinpoint any weakened wires in your house and give a resolution immediately. Appropriate routine maintenance ought to also be carried out at your home routinely. Not experiencing any challenges with your electrical system does not imply your property is free from electrical difficulties.

Retain electrical appliances, their cords and any extension potential customers away from h2o. Make sure cords are in good affliction – if they’re worn or frayed, really don’t use the appliance until finally it’s been repaired by a certified electrician. If you decide to toss away the equipment, make confident it just cannot be made use of by a person else. You can see the whole posting at the main source.

1 of the key brings about of electrical challenges is the use of extension cords. The wires that are utilised in the home’s electrical procedure are intended to be sturdy plenty of to stand up to slight scratches. Electricians cautiously opt for the wirings just before set up. However, lots of householders fall short to understand the significance of the use of quality extension cords. An extension twine can perhaps bring about a fireplace outbreak and lethal electric discharge. Consequently, it would be very best to get enable from an electrician very first right before applying a new extension twine in your household.

Extension cords are popular goods identified in several residences, so widespread in actuality that they can quickly be taken for granted and not be incorporated in the standard homeowner’s electrical safety checklist. In reality, with continual use beneath the improper conditions, an extension cord can result in a possibly deadly electric shock or an electrical hearth. For much more details, check out the main supply of the short article.

It is always far better to be protected than sorry. It has been way too late for numerous owners to perform right security check in their home’s electrical technique. Now, quite a few of their houses are turned into ashes. You ought to hardly ever neglect your obligation to keep your home secure from electrical fireplace. Produce an electrical safety checklist and conduct normal check out-up in your property. You can start off with your digital appliances. For advanced cases, nonetheless, you need to get in touch with a accredited electrician.

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6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Home Power Bill

For a majority of homeowners, the monthly utility bill is one of the major contributors to household expenses. Regardless of whether you have high-energy consumption, reducing your energy usage will not just lower your carbon footprint but is also a great money saving strategy as well.

Here are some handy energy saving tips that will help you make small changes so that you can reduce big bills. For the best results, implement more than one method and watch your costs come down significantly.   

  1. Get Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring is a great way to increase energy efficiency. It is a home energy management system that employs smart technology to help you monitor and control your energy output.  The money saving meter provides you with vital information on where you’re utilising the most and least energy. So, you can identify areas of improvement and bring down your overall costs.

Castle Hill Electrician Pros are the leading professional residential electrical contractors in Sydney. In addition to installing the most efficient energy monitoring systems, they also have a range of comprehensive electrical services as well at affordable prices. So, if you want to reduce your electricity bill, get in touch with them. With round-the-clock services and fast response times, they are always on the ball.

  1. Install A Programmable Thermostat

The biggest contributor to electricity bills is heating and cooling, which are dependant on prevalent temperatures and individual preferences. Sure, by reducing the number of times you turn the thermostat up or down, you will save energy. But to optimise your savings, consider installing a programmable thermostat.

With this device, you can set the temperature according to the weather, which will allow the thermostat to make changes automatically. As a result, this will decrease your energy consumption and consequently reduce big bills.

  1. Lower The Temperature On The Water Heater

Since water heaters distribute hot water to showers, sinks, dishwashers and washing machines, they are very heavy on electricity. Turning down the temperature on your heater even by a few degrees will help you decrease your energy usage.

Usually, the ideal temperature for heaters is 120 degrees Fahrenheit or an equivalent of 48.9 degrees Celsius. In case you’re out of town for a few days, turning off the heater will help you save even more.

  1. Install Energy-efficient Lighting

Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the best ways to slash energy bills. Did you know that lighting can contribute to as much as 50% of your total energy bill? And traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs especially use a considerable amount of energy.

Lighting specialists, Conservergy, recommend using LED lights, which can save you up to 80% more power than traditional fluorescent bulbs. In essence, you could reduce big bills by simply switching to more efficient lighting solutions, and they last longer as well.

  1. Switch Off Appliances When Not In Use

Not many people are aware that everyday appliances like microwaves, televisions, dishwashers, laundry machines and phone charges utilise energy even when they’re not in use.

All gadgets and equipment when plugged in, bleed energy, which adds up to the total monthly electricity costs. Ensuring that the switches are off when the appliances aren’t being used is a simple but highly effective energy and money saving hack.

  1. Wash Clothes In Cold Water

Running washes consumes a surprisingly large amount of energy. While we can’t do without our washing machines, there is a way to make the process more energy-friendly.

The water heater, which raises the temperature of the water, utilises a significant amount of energy. Warm water isn’t required for all clothing, so it’s wasted on daily laundry that doesn’t need the special treatment. The less the heater is employed, the more energy you save. By altering the temperature of the wash setting to cold and by choosing an eco-setting, if your machine has the option, you essentially reduce big bills and will realise considerable savings in the long run.

About the Author: This article is written by Luci Aldrin, a part time writer for Conservergy and full-time conservationist. She guest writes for a wide range of publications surrounding environmental sustainability and energy conservation.

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Why do Fire Doors have to follow rules?


Why do Fire Doors have to follow rules?

A fire can begin in any kind of space in a house, or office complex. The intro of fire door (portes Alfinodoor) and also fire escape safety and security laws is to largely have the ability to include the fire, and also the smoke from that fire, in the space where it started for as long as feasible.

In many domestic circumstances 30 minutes is regarded long enough to get rid of a room and also contain the fire while all the structures passengers get out of the residential or commercial property. Fire door guidelines, along with numerous various other regulations which review fire in the home are covered by Accepted Document B of the Building Laws

Details about Fire Doors and Fire Door Closers

Exactly how Fire doors job and where door closures and fire-resistant locks as well as hinges are necessary for fire and building laws: Learn just how to comply with the fire door regulations appropriate for the type of residential property and also ensure that you fit the best kind of fire resistant or fire check and fire resisting doors, fire door collections as well as closers (if they are called for).

What is the Need?

  • A Fire set in a 3rd tale residence studio
  • Fire door, frame, pivots, door closer and also lock

A lot of people obtain hung up on the term “Fire Door” thinking it to be OKAY simply to stick a fire door in an existing opening and make use of the original hinges and also lock etc from the initial door.

When the laws discuss fire doors, they are really discussing fire collections. A fire set consists of the door, the structure and also or door linings, the architrave, the joints, the door stops, the ceiling bordering the door in a corridor as well as the lock as well as lock set.

It would certainly be useless to have a door which would hold fire back for thirty minutes if the lock or joints thawed in 5 mins and smoke was billowing with spaces in the structure after 10. All materials as well as items made use of in the instalment of fire doors as well as fire sets need to be Cert-fire authorized and also where ideal, CE noted.

Meaning of Fire Door

The interpretation of a fire door is a door setting up, or door collection, which has actually been made to keep back fire as well as smoke for a designated duration. It is quite just a door, framework, lock and also hinges designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke, giving you a chance to get out.

Fire Door Hinges

All fire resisting doors must be a close fit to the frame with an optimum gap of 5mm. They should be held on steel joints (minimum 3 pivots per door) with a melting point of not less than 800 degrees Centigrade.

Fire Door Locks and Latches

Ironmongery on a door, or door furnishings as it is understood, which is needed to withstand the heat from a fire, is called necessary ironmongery.

Door handles, door locks and also locks used ablaze doors which have a securing mechanism which is important to the lock itself have to be CE significant. Mortice or tubular latches have to follow BS EN 12209.

Letterboxes can be made use of with fire doors however the letter plate or letter box must be CE marked as well as you ought to check on the suppliers guidelines that the door you are making use of is certified with having a letter box or letter plate mounted.

Hanging a Fire Door

Fire doors are awaited similarly as various other doors but treatment should be taken as fire doors are strong timber and also extremely hefty. They additionally need 3 joints per door. To learn just how to hang a door see our hanging a door project right here.

It is important to keep in mind that a fire door must be kept shut. Yes, door closers are a problem yet the building regulations exist to maintain us secure and also a little hassle is truly very little contrasted to putting life at risk. Please beware when fitting fire doors.

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Choosing a Competent Electrician | Castle Hill Electrician Pros

Electricians are considered as the masters of electricity. They are able to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in the safest and most efficient manner. Electricians have the skills necessary to resolve any electrical issue in both residential and commercial areas. They have acquired their skills and knowledge from training courses for electrical services. There are many reasons why you would need an electrician. Aside from the fact that electricity is already an integral part of life, electricians are the only people who are permitted to execute any kind of electrical work.

There are many things that a licensed electrician can do. He can install new power points and upgrade old ones. He can fix broken fittings and change plugs on electrical appliances. He can also perform electrical works outdoors, such as the streets. Streetlights are also installed by electricians. When it comes to choosing a competent electrician, you should make sure that he has acquired the specific license and qualifications that electrical contractors require.

These days, you probably rely on customer reviews and testimonials to help you find a great restaurant, a skilled hairdresser, or a fantastic holiday destination. Like you, we believe the experiences of real-life customers are the best indication of the service you can expect. To view the full guide, go to the main source.

The installation of smoke alarms is also handled by an electrician. Today, smoke alarms are already mandatory for commercial establishments. In some areas, even residential properties are required to have smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke and fire. They emit loud noise to alert residents of a fire.

The type of smoke alarm fitted can be checked by opening the smoke alarm as you normally would to reveal the battery compartment. It should be written on the label, however the easiest way to check is that all ionisation smoke alarms have a yellow and black radiation symbol. Photoelectric smoke alarms do not have this symbol, although the actual alarm itself looks the same. Visit the main source to read the entire article.

Electronic appliances, such as air conditioners, are recommended to be regularly checked and maintained. They are also part of the electrical safety checklist so keeping them in good condition will help you avoid unexpected fire outbreaks and electric shocks. Electricians are also able to perform air conditioner maintenance. Nevertheless, there are simple ways to clean an air conditioner without the need for professional help.

There is nothing better than walking into a cool home or office on a hot summer’s day. That’s why we suggest that you look after your air conditioning system. A simple maintenance plan will assist in ensuring the longevity of the system and prevent your family from breathing in any dust, mould and dirt particles. Completing this regular maintenance will also save you money on electricity usage as air conditioners are able to run more efficiently when the filters are not congested. For more information, check out the main source of the article.

An electrician is your go-to person in case you need help with anything related to electricity. It is normal for any property owner to experience electrical issues once in a while. Having a trusted electrician whom you can call in times of emergency can be very convenient on your part. It would be best if your electrician is just located near your residence so that immediate help can be acquired.

See our guide “What To Look For In A Good Electrician” for further information.

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Becoming an Electrician | Castle Hill Electrician Pros

It is not all too easy to become a licensed electrician, but it is not complicated either. The initial step would be enrolling into schools or educational institutions which offer electrical courses. You might be lucky to find one in your local area. If there isn’t any, you can enroll into online training courses instead. However, acquiring the proper skills might be quite difficult. Most schools with electrical courses allow their students to get a hands-on training with electrical services.

Being an electrician means knowing how electricity and electric conductors work. It also means that you must know the different types of electronic appliances and devices. Electricians are not just limited to installing and repairing electric wirings. They must also know how to repair things that use electricity as power source. The training courses for aspiring electricians include detailed discussions and hands-on practices for electric repair and installation. In some areas, you will need to attain certain certifications before you can become a licensed electrician.

It can be quite a daunting task to get your electrical licence in Australia. Even some apprentices struggle to work out all the steps involved. This article will cover the major steps you need to undertake to be qualified and licensed as an electrician. There’s a few major milestones that you need to fulfil in order to become licensed in NSW. You can view the full article from its main source.

Once you become a licensed electrician, you will be able to perform different types of electrical services. Most of these are dangerous which is why they can only be executed by trained and licensed professionals. Electricians mainly work in hands-on role. All electrical works are very technical which means you must have the necessary analytical skills and ability to perform your labors. There are also some situations where you would have to work independently, while still maintaining communication with your client.

Electricians are highly skilled tradespeople who work with electrical systems and networks in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. They provide a range of services including installing electrical switchboards, cables and wiring and diagnosing and repairing electrical malfunctions. This is a potentially hazardous job, and electricians must ensure they comply to work health and safety regulations. Qualified electricians need to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship. There could be additional requirements by employers for complex roles. To know more about the topic, check out the main site.

There are not many people who aspire to become an electrician. There are many professions out there that are less dangerous but being an electrician is definitely worth it. The services of an electrician are in high-demand in many areas of the economy. Almost every place with human population requires electricity to survive. Electricians are considered as the major players in the industry. Becoming one might not be very easy but it will surely be a worthwhile journey.

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Finding The Best HVAC Schools


There are a number of HVAC schools that offer the training necessary to receive HVAC certification and become successful in the HVAC industry ( αποφραξεις αθηνα ).  These schools, typically two-year community colleges or technical colleges, prepare students for the various tasks associated with HVAC installation and repair, by offering courses that address the required knowledge base for a career in the HVAC industry, while also covering a range of practical skills.

HVAC Technical Institute

The HVAC Technical Institute is a Chicago-based technical school dedicated solely to HVAC technology and training.  Classes are taught be experienced and certified HVAC technicians, and aim to prepare students for careers in HVAC installation, sales, management, and/or repair, depending on their desired areas of specialization.  Class size is small and the coursework is rigorous, but students receive quality hands-on HVAC training via high-tech equipment and close relationships with faculty. Upon successful completion of the program, students will achieve EPA level certification.

Penn Foster Career School

The Penn Foster Career School is another of the HVAC technician schools to grant EPA certification upon graduation.  Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Penn Foster offers courses in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, heating systems, maintenance, etc.  Though not fully dedicated to HVAC technology like the HVAC technical institute, the Penn Foster Career School still boasts a solid program that has been accredited by the HVAC industry.  After finishing the required coursework, all certification registration and testing can be conveniently taken care of on-site ( αποφραξεις πειραιασ ).

Allied Career Training

Another reputable option among HVAC schools is Allied Career Training, a company based in Dothan, Alabama with a program that is dedicated primarily to HVAC technician training.  It offers NATE and EPA certification licensing, as well as job placement assistance upon completion of the program. This school, however, is a more appropriate choice for technicians with existing experience in the HVAC industry who are merely seeking official certification, since ACT offers a “fast track” program that is intended to be completed in approximately one month.

The Refrigeration School

Like Allied Career Training, The Refrigeration School in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the HVAC training schools focused heavily on the job market.  RSI prides itself on its job placement rate and markets its job placement assistance program as one of the school’s best assets.  The school, which has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, offers hands-on training and financial aid for those who qualify.  Texts and materials for classroom instruction are developed by the RSI staff, which is made up of trained and seasoned HVAC professional technicians.

This is just a short list of HVAC schools available to any individual looking to start a career in the HVAC industry.  Those who have been working in the industry for years, but who would like to update their knowledge of new HVAC technology or renew their certification, might also consider taking courses at one of these institutions, particularly those that offer truncated certification programs to accelerate the HVAC certification process.

How Fast Do Septic Products Restore Septic Systems?


How Fast Do Septic Products Restore Septic Systems?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions that we get here at SewerTreatment.net.  Homeowners want to know how long it is going to take for a septic product to restore their septic system.  It’s a fair enough question, especially when you are considering how unpleasant septic or sewage smell can be.

In all our years of experience ( ydravlikos ), one thing has always struck us as odd.  Many homeowners simply cannot believe that septic treatments can work.  They just don’t believe it. Why would a septic contractor tell me I needed to replace the drain field at a cost of $10,000 if septic products could fix it?  Septic products, even the strongest ones, cost only 300-500 dollars.  They do not believe they will work and are afraid of being ripped off for a few hundred dollars.  It’s absolutely mind boggling.

Let’s set a few things straight.  Septic products do work and they are fantastic ways to avoid replacing your system.  That being said, there are always times when a drain field or septic system need to be replaced and it is unavoidable.  The question you need to be asking yourself is not whether or not septic products work, but rather if you have a few weeks of patience to see if you can avoid having to spend $10,000 to replace your septic system.

Now, understand that you cannot have a clogged drain field, go to the supermarket and pick up RID X, flush a packet and everything is all better.  That lack of understanding is how rumors that septic products don’t work are started.  RID X, for example, is a monthly treatment.   It is designed to supplement the bacteria in your system each month to help keep things running smoothly.  It is NOT designed to reverse existing clogs and backed-up systems.  So don’t expect it to.

In order to restore your septic system you would need to purchase a septic shock product.  These shocks are designed to blast through sludge and bio mat causing your septic tank or drain field problems.  The best septic products (shocks) can be expected to work as quickly as 2 weeks, but keep in mind that the results will continue to improve with each passing day.  Choosing the right septic product is essential to your success in restoring your septic system.  Don’t buy a maintenance product thinking it will solve your back-up.  You use the maintenance product after you have restored your system, so that you don’t have to deal with this financial pickle again.

Today’s society wants instant gratification and for many people waiting a couple weeks to avoid spending excessive amounts of money is too much, personally I am much more old fashioned than that.  I understand these things have a process, and I would much rather spend my money on the kids, or their education.  Or maybe a boat for me and the misses to retire on, just about anything seems like a better idea than on a septic system.

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The Duties of an Electrician

An electrical system is considered as one of the most vital parts of a building, whether it be residential or commercial. The installation of a new electrical system is not something that any person can do. Even the law dictates that only licensed electricians can perform such task. Electrical services can be quite dangerous, even for experienced electricians. That is why there are obliged to wear safety gears while working. They are also required to use proper electrical tools for the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems. It is a bit complicated to understand how electricity works, but electricians have undergone a series of training to fully understand that.

Newly constructed buildings are the main focus of electrical system installations. In most cases, an electrician works alongside the engineer in the construction of a new building. The electrician coordinates with other professionals in creating a safe electrical system once it is completed. There should be areas reserved for the electric wirings, cables, switches, generators, and power sources. A neat and proper network of electric wires should be created that would follow the standards imposed by the owner and the local government.

With all these decisions to be made it is easy to forget some of the simple things. We see it time and time again in Brisbane, electrical considerations being forgotten with new builds or renovations. It’s these considerations which can make your house unsafe, less efficient and plain inconvenient if overlooked. Fuse Contracting have created a simple list of electrical considerations to consider while you are in the early planning stages. Read the full article at its main source.

There is no shortcut to electrical work. Everything should be done carefully and professionally. Aside from the fact that it is not allowed for any individual without any electrical training to do any kind of major electrical work, it is also potentially fatal to human being. The human body is a natural conductor of electricity, and without enough knowledge about electrical services, one might meet his or her demise.

You see, over the last few years, there’s been so many TV shows and articles and things about home renovation. You see on the TV these people working with electrical renovations, and think that maybe it doesn’t look too difficult. So you hop on Google and get a little tutorial on what do to. You find out what equipment you need, and pop down to the local hardware store. It’s as easy as pie, and your hardware store sells you the equipment you need with no problems. To know more about the topic, check out the main site.

Electrical engineering contractors are typically employed for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in large commercial buildings. They have to observe certain regulations and workers have to follow a code of conduct. Electricians today already use modern equipment in executing electrical works, especially major ones. The traditional tools are only used for minor electric repairs.

For our business, the changes are minimal however we are proud to guarantee that we stay one step ahead for our clients. Our diligence allows us to provide a level confidence to our clients ensuring we deliver quality, compliant and professional products and service. Visit the main source to get more information.

When it comes to any kind of electrical work, it is always best to leave it to the hands of a professional. Proper lighting can only be achieved if the job is done by an experienced electrician. Electricians are also able to perform other kinds of jobs that are related to electricity. They can install smoke alarms and other security devices to keep the area safe. Some electricians also perform repairs to damaged electronic appliances.

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Wagon’s Looks For Amazon India Fashion Week and Women Bags


Fashion week – the fashion extravaganza of the best street style looks, the best of the best runway show down and the ultimate destination to have a quick update on the fashion trends for the coming season.

And the ultimate accesory for a women is a women bag from 4bag! See their bags (tsantes) on their website, they deliver accross Europe.

AIFW’17 was nothing less than a fiasco of the best designers, stalls to drool over and street style to look forward to.
Initially I did think of fashion weeks to be overrated and how!

But after surviving my second fashion week I sure as hell can say it that its not. I mean yes a lot of you might not relate to it but YES it’s not overrated! Fashion Week is the place where genuine fashion transformations happen, history is created by designers who wooed us with their outstanding AW’17 collection and totally bowled us over with their creativity and uniqueness. But having said that fashion actually happens on the street at fashion week. Streets at fash week rages with fashion, awe-inspiring outfits, attitude and killer street fashion.
Here are the 5 outfits that I wore to Fashion week and slayed (in my head but okay)!


The very first day I decided to go very loud with my outfit and very minimal with my makeup and accessories. I usually never go print on print but then of course Fashion Week is the right place to experiment so I did.

2. LOOK 2 : Grunge with a twist!

Day 2 was really fly since I really went full on with my make up, thanks to Maybelline for that though! Wearing a white cape top, deep neck body suit, white shorts and my favorite boots.

3. LOOK 3 : Ruffles and drama!

I usually don’t go so over board with my outfits if you’ve noticed but this outfit from designer Kavita Bhartia forced me to turn into a flower child. The ruffles on the dress were everything, literally! The hand embroidered details, the print completely deserved an all dreamy make up and the absolutely fresh flowers on the hair as you can see!

4. LOOK 4 :

Grand Finale day was extremely chaotic for me but I still ended up changing two outfits but didn’t have the time to get clicked so bear with me the little that I have of these two amazing outfits.

Outfit 1 : Wearing hand embroidered, sequence detailed flower print dress by designer Kavita Bhartia. Went for the bohemian look with a side braid with flowers and dark eyed make up and nude pink lips.

Outfit 2 : So I really do have to admit that this outfit from forever 21 is my most favorite since it is who I am. I love deep necks and I loved the mesh long dress, just look at the net and flower embroidery, I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with this black beauty (I meant the dress guys)!

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